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Mini-handbooks on Peer Review Process (for authors, reviewers etc.) (Editage) (CACTUS Communications) 2021

The Peer Review Best Practises (Editage) (CACTUS Communications) (September 2021) (pdf) (1.7 MB)

Responsibilities of a Peer Reviewer to Editors and Authors (Editage) (CACTUS Communications) (September 2021) (pdf) (0.7 MB)

How to Handle Tricky Peer Reviewer Comments (Editage) (CACTUS Communications) (September 2021) (pdf) (6 MB)

How to Build Your Identity as a Peer Reviewer (Editage) (CACTUS Communications) (September 2021) (pdf)  (0.8 MB)

Publications of Thuta Nyana Team

Youth and Employment Opportunites in Myanmar  (Thuta Nyana Co., Ltd.) (April 2023) (pdf)  (1.6 MB)

Present  Myanmar


Last decade

Myanmar, one of the least developed countries in South-East Asia (SEA), was in democratic transition during the last decade. Despite some challenges such as domestic armed conflicts with some ethnic groups, bureaucracy, and corruption, it is successfully led by the two democratically elected governments from 2011 to 2020. Nonetheless in February 1, 2021, just before the new Hluttaw (Parliament) and third term of government which was elected by the general election in 2020 is scheduled to swear in, it has fallen again under the military coup (Ratcliffe, 2022). The excuse of the coup by the military was reported as ‘terrible’ voting frauds during the 2020 election (Goodman, 2021)…………

The Research Capacity of Myanmar Youth  (Thuta Nyana Co., Ltd.) (August 2020) (pdf)  (0.9 MB)

The Current challenges of Local CSOs in Myanmar  (Thuta Nyana Co., Ltd.) (October 2019) (pdf)  (1 MB)