Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in urban poor

The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 is to ensure the clean water, sanitation and hygiene worldwide.  Likewise, Myanmar is required to invest more on its WASH to meet its SDG by 2030. Its development in rural areas was lagged behind its urban counterpart. Nonetheless, some peri urban poor or  satellite slum areas are also required more attention. The mixed method study  conducted at the end of 2020, highlighted the current status of WASH in selected wards and villages in satellite outskirt of Yangon Region. The project aims to improve WASH situation by women-led entrepreneurship and leadership skill in targeted areas.

Community Resilience in Coastal Cities

Myanmar is now one of the top countries suffering most from disasters and climate change. To face the challenges of these undesirable incidences, the effective collective action is most crucial factor to minimize the negative impact of such disastrous incidences. Especially in the urban areas of the coastal region, to establish the community coalition to combat the disasters and climate change is more important than ever before. We assisted the project by providing status of existing behaviour of the stakeholders and community and how to strengthen such coalition activity by project implementer and involving stakeholders through a communication strategy and work plan.  The assessment for coalition among various stakeholders was done in the mid-2020.

Sustainable Agriculture in Northern Shan

Many areas in Northern Shan State are hit hard by decade-long arm conflicts and results of severe impact on the livelihood of the local ethnic groups. The project aims to improve the livelihood of those local population by introducing the sustainable agriculture practice to their growing crops. For the baseline assessment in these areas, the study consisted of quantitative and qualitative data collection, and completed at the first quarter of 2020. Our findings will help to shape the approach and target of the project.

Mapping of CSO/volunteers in Disaster Risk Reduction in Yangon

It was a mapping exercise of CSO/volunteers active in DRR in five townships in Yangon Region. The validating workshop was conducted at the end of September 2019.

Child Protection

This project was an end-line evaluation to explore the Child Protection – Case Management System of Child Focus Network/Child Fund Myanmar in Yangon Region. Its results was expected to assist in decision of implementing a new project. It consisted of 225 one-on-one interviews, 18 KIIs and four FGDs in 15 quarters.